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The Amazon Labor Union (ALU) — a group of current and former Amazon workers in New York City’s Staten Island — takes on one of the world’s largest and most powerful companies in the fight to unionize.

Chronicling the historic efforts of the ALU, Union is an intimate and surprising story of dogged determination, unorthodox tactics, and speaking up despite David vs. Goliath odds. Capturing up-close, in-the-trenches moments with the upstart labor union leaders — including the charismatic Chris Smalls — as they try to build support for their movement on their own terms, filmmakers Brett Story and Stephen Maing bear witness to the realities of labor organizing in the United States — challenging at best; near-impossible when facing the unlimited resources and influence of a corporate giant. They track exhilarating victories and demoralizing setbacks along the way, but foremost spotlight the far-reaching ability of collective action to inspire hope and bring self-determination to workers who’ve long felt disenfranchised and powerless.—BT

Available in person. Also available online for the public (January 25–28) and credentialed press and industry (January 24–28).

  • Year
  • Runtime
    102 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Stephen Maing, Brett Story
  • Cinematographer
    Martin DiCicco
  • Composer
    Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe
  • Producers
    Samantha Curley, Mars Verrone
  • Executive Producers
    Impact Partners, The Villa Family, Anonymous Content
  • Co-Executive Producers
    Barbara Dobkin, Eric Dobkin, Paula Froehle, Steve Cohen, Natasha Dolby, David Dolby, Meryl Metni, Pierre Hauser, Chelsea Halligan, Ryan Parker, Alexander Carpenter, Andrew Neel
  • Editors
    Blair McClendon, Malika Zouhali-Worrall